Book Review: Stolen by Lucy Christopher




I was stolen from an airport. Kidnapped. Taken from everything I knew, everything I was used to. Imprisoned by sand and heat, dirt and danger. And he expected me to love him.
This is my story. A letter to my captor.



Okay, So I had a lot to love and dislike about this book.

One thing that I absolutely loved was that it was set in my country Australia!! It was really cool to experience a book set in Aus, considering it’s not very common. The way that Christopher has described the setting is just perfect, it made me feel proud to be in this beautiful country.

I was very interested to see how the author would go about writing about this topic, and I found that she did do a good job, however, there were parts where I was quite annoyed at what was happening.

One thing that bugged me was that I felt that Gemma became very annoying during the middle of the book. She started to accept the fact that she was ‘stolen’ and stopped trying to escape, which of course lead to her developing feelings for her captor and of course not wanting to leave. I just wanted to yell at her through the pages and tell her to keep trying! She becomes so conflicted about her feelings towards him and everything when he becomes more open with her.

Ty was a very complex character, to say the least. He has a dark past and I guess that’s what allows us to sympathise with him in the long run.  And I guess that’s what makes us as an audience embrace him ourselves, even if we don’t want to.

This book has made me so conflicted. I liked this book, but I didn’t? Some of it was so hard to read, but I did get through it thank god.


Favourite Quotes:

“That’s what I hated most. The uncertainty of you. You kidnapped me, put my life in danger…but I loved you too. Or thought I did. None of it made sense.”

“Lets face it, you did steal me. But you saved my life too. And somewhere in the middle, you showed me a place so different and beautiful, I can never get it out of my mind. And I can’t get you out of there either. You’re stuck in my brain like my own blood vessels.”

“When the darkness gets easier, you know you’re sinking deeper, becoming dead yourself.”

“How long will you keep me?” I asked.
You shrugged. “Forever, of course.”

“I’d never seen a man cry before, only on TV. I’d never even seen Dad close to crying. Those tears looked so odd on you. It was like the strength of you just seemed to sap away. The surprise of it stopped me from being so scared.”



So, I guess I’ll give this book a three out of 5 stars. I was very interested to read it, but it did let me down a bit. If your into this kind of genre go ahead and try it out!

Stars 3



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