The Leibster Award!


Heya Readers!

So I was nominated by Kelsey for the Leibster Award! Thank you so much! It is very much appreciated. And guys, please take a minute of your time to check out her blog! 😁

The Liebster Award is an award made for bloggers, by bloggers, passed on from person to person to support each other in our writing community, while getting a bit closer to our readerships, too.

Sounds great so far! Okay so here this goes, the rules are as followed:the-rules.png


My 11 Nominations:

  1. Sophie
  2. Maike
  3. Stephanie
  4. Books are my Reality
  5. Ellie
  6. Pearl
  7. Chaotic Bookaholic 
  8. Hayley
  9. Sumaya
  10. Rachel
  11. Audrey



My 11 Questions to answer

1 – What’s an average range of time that it takes you to read a book?

It really depends on what’s going on during the week. But on a good week, it would just take me a week and a bit to get through a general sized book. Back in December, I had a great routine going on, where I would be reading two books, but they would finish every other week so it was a continuous thing. However, due to some reasons, this has obviously slacked a bit an I need to get back on the bandwagon!

2 – Do you like to write? If so, what about, what genre?

Okay, so I don’t really like to write books or whatever. But back in the day when I was totally obsessed with the Vampire Academy, I did indeed make a Wattpad account. I wrote a fanfiction, and it was pretty good (well I thought so). This was back in high school during year 12 when they were on our backs to write a ‘creative story’. I guess that fanfiction kick started my creative side. However, I don’t think I could create my own characters and such, I would fail miserably if I tried. So yeah!

3 – Do you like to draw a character from books and movies?

I don’t particularly draw a lot, so I’m going to say no to this one. I scribble nonsense, what can I say ahah

4 – Have you ever watched a play of a book that you’ve read?

Oh God, these questions make me seem so awesome, haha, No I haven’t watched a play from a book I have read. I do see plays, its tradition for my Nan (grandmother) and I to go and see Mary Poppins. However, I haven’t read the books. (are there books???)

5 – Have you ever enjoyed the movie more than the book?

OHH A TOUGH ONE. Hella No. I swear the movies don’t do much justice for my favourite books. I have an example! (your all going to roll your eyes) Vampire Academy! I have been hyping up this book to my friend because I wanted her to read it and fangirl with me about it so bad, but she just never really seemed interested. So being the awesome friend I am, I bought tickets to see the movie when it released. Let me tell you, I sure as hell hyped that movie up because I thought it was going to be absolutely mind-blowing awesome. But let me tell you, I walked out of the cinema feeling very embarrassed really. It was just too… There are no words! I’m sorry, but what were these people thinking!? Please, Please, Please for the love of God, make an awesome book movie adaptions. I’m begging you.

So, again. No.

6 – Do you have any bookish merchandise?

Yes! Well, I think so? I have a Mockingjay necklace from the Hunger Games books. I pretty much nagged my dad to buy it off eBay for me 😂 Sorry dad.

7 -What’s the lowest rating that you’ve given a book?

*Looks through blog* Well. My lowest rated book so far is Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon. There was nothing wrong with the books itself, I just felt like I was too old to appreciate the story and the writing? But there are some other books that have a three-star rating, I just feel like this one is the lowest of the three stars.

8 – Have you ever participated in a book club or book group?

I haven’t! I don’t even think I have any groups around where I live. Not sure, but I will definitely have a look now that it’s mentioned.

9 – Have you ever went to a book signing?

NO *cries tears of sadness!* I want to though. It’s just that we don’t get a lot of great authors come here. Well, that’s what I feel at least. Not any that I would go on a 2 hour trip for. But I wish we had more. Authors, please come to Australia, we love you too you know.

10 – What kind of blogs do you read?

I obviously read book blogs. But other than that, I go around and check out the cooking blogs and fitness ones.

11 – Do you have a favourite book series? If so, what is it?

I feel like I don’t even need to answer this question considering I have brought it up so many times and I think you all are going to get very sick of me (if you aren’t already) bringing it up! Sorry guys! But other than the VA series I have to say, Ink heart and the Hush Hush series had a big impact on me so I can add them to my favourite just because of that.


My 11 Random Facts:

  1. I absolutely love camping and want to own my own farm
  2. I have a pet dog, and would also love to have a bird
  3. I’m in my second year of university
  4. This blog is being used as an assessment! (how exciting!)
  5. I want to live in America, Especially in NY
  6. I love the colour Purple
  7. I want to work for a social media company
  8. I love MARVEL, like, yep
  9. I climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge!
  10. I’m horrible when it comes down to social media, I feel awkward posting things..?
  11. My best friend hand drew a picture of Andrew Garfield for me and it is amazing!!


My Nominees 11 Questions to Answer:

  1. How do you pick your books to read for a particular month?
  2. Do you crack the spines when you read?
  3. Most favourite and least favourite books
  4. How long does it take you to read a book?
  5. Kiss, marry and kill book characters (pick one to kiss, marry and kill from any book)
  6. What draws you to a book? (E.g. cover, blurb a review?)
  7. Do you mostly read Male or Female authors books?
  8. When did you start reading?
  9. Do you remember the first ever book you read? (or the one that got you into reading?)
  10. Do you own books that have been signed by authors? If so who by, and did you go to a signing or did you buy it from a bookstore/online?
  11. What is something besides reading that makes you feel happy? (like a hobby)

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