My Book Blogging Goals for 2016

Holey Moley, IT’S NEARLY 2016. I mean seriously where the hell has this year gone!!!!!????

Here are some goals that I have created for next year!

  • Reach 50+ Followers! (Because I’m vain like that)
  • Blog as frequently as I can (Mon, Wed, Fri)
  • Try to be more talkative with other people on this website
  • Read More Books!! (20+ Yes a small goal, because I want to actually achieve it!)
  • Gain more active followers! You guys should talk to me more! (sorry, I’ll try harder, I promise)
  • Get into contact with publishers and see if I’m able to do reviews for them (hopefully, fingers crossed!)
  • Find an appropriate theme (I’m not loving mine right now, a fresh start is needed)
  • Improve on my grammar and punctuation (because I believe I’m not doing well with those!)
  • Improve on my reviews and posts! (More professional type reviews and no waffle! [I know, waffles are just too good though])
  • Find my Mojo on here and Instagram (failing hard)
  • Gain more confidence!!


Do you guys have any new years resolutions or goals for 2016? If so please tell me! Have a great year guys, let’s hope it doesn’t go as fast as 2015! (God help us please)



8 thoughts on “My Book Blogging Goals for 2016

  1. These are some great goals! One of my blogging goals is to make more comments on other people’s blogs. I am great at liking the posts, but I am so terrible at commenting! Unless something just jumps out at me. Ahh! I wish you the best of luck on your goals! 🙂 Happy New Year!

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    • Thank you! Haha same I find that I read it and have all these things to say but I forget to comment them or just feel a little lazy. Happy new year, hope it’s good to you and your loved ones 😊😊


  2. I hope you’ll achieve all your goals! And try Grammarly – because English is not my first language I use it all the time. A great thing for correcting mistakes and everything else.

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