Book Review: All These Perfect Strangers by Aoife Clifford


“You don’t have to believe in ghosts for the dead to haunt you.

You don’t have to be a murderer to be guilty.

Within six months of Pen Sheppard starting university, three of her new friends are dead. Only Pen knows the reason why.

College life had seemed like a wonderland of sex, drugs and maybe even love. The perfect place to run away from your past and reinvent yourself. But Pen never can run far enough and when friendships are betrayed, her secrets are revealed. The consequences are deadly.”



I felt all these perfect strangers by Aoife Clifford was an interesting read. It was definitely a thriller and mystery, which kept me flipping the pages on my Kindle. I loved the alternate past and present plots, this was an interesting idea for this book and I feel as if it overall enhanced the story, as we as an audience gained tiny snippets of information with each sequence. In doing this I feel Clifford has enabled the audience to know less than enough about the characters past and why she was doing what she does in this book which kept with the mystery concept.

The characterisation was brilliant. The characters all felt real and they all responded accurately when situations proceeded. The main character – Pen – was very easy to relate to, I felt like I instantly connected with her. When I wasn’t reading this book I was thinking of what she was going to do next.

The settings were quite well described and I felt like I could understand what was happening around the characters at times. However, some parts of this book I felt a little confused as I thought the characters where in one place however it had changed Pen was not where I thought she was which was confusing.

Overall I feel Clifford has written a very interesting book with a very easy to understand writing style. I did feel suspense and a need to know everything that was going on crawling up on me as I developed further into the book. Can’t wait to read the sequel! (If she is going to develop this story further with another book!)


Favourite Quotes:

“Titles are for small people to feel important, and Master makes me sound as if I’m planning world domination”

“‘Always finish what you have started’ she’d say, imitating her dad’s English accent. ‘Take responsibility. No excuses'”

“Everything has consequences. If you don’t deal with them, others will have to”


I’m rating all these perfect strangers by Aoife Clifford a 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoyed reading this book and felt like it was an interesting concept. I would recommend this book to my friends to read if they were interested!

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