November – TBR & Rant

Hello, Hello!

So you may have noticed that last month I was on hiatus. Well, I was having troubles with the whole reading a book within a time frame thing as well as a hell of a lot of troubles with this blog. I felt like I wasn’t fulfilling my goals with the reading because I have been so stressed with University because exams are next week (kill me now) and I’m not coping well. And just the layout and whole look and feel of my blog was annoying me to no end, to the point where I made a new one and then realised I couldn’t save it because it was only open for a few weeks (I’m so annoyed with this, I made the perfect blog and I was so happy with it but it just shut down), it took me forever to make the new blog and I put so much effort into it and I’m mad they put it down. Sorry for the rant guys, but I guess I feel like I need to explain whats going on since I’m trying to be a blogger and all. Okay, as well I feel kind of overwhelmed in this bookblog community, I’m not really sure what to post on this blog, Like I can’t post reviews because I haven’t finished my books so what do I do. I feel a little lost.

So, because of this, my TBR this month will only be two books: (yep, how low can I go?)

  1. The Goldfinch (Need to finish this, but will probably be a long one to finish and will feature in every month)
  2. I Am Number Four
  • Mini Review: The Goldfinch so far

Okay, so this book so far is quite good, however just looking at this book is making me feel intimidated, every time I look at it I know I should read it but I feel like I have to work up the courage to sit down and read it. Even though I say this, I’m always interested to read more of it. I’m currently on page 164 (yeah, still around the start of the book) and honestly I think that it will take me a while to read. I think the writing style so far is very good, but the pace is slow right now, which I think is why I’m taking forever to read it.

  • Picking up from the last moths TBR:

I still haven’t read more of The assassins blade, I think that ship has sailed and has been blown to smithereens.

Okay, thanks for sticking with me guys. And if you have read this post, Thank you and I hope you have a great day/Afternoon!

(Also, How do you like the new blog theme. I quite like it, its really cute!)

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